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You have food in your fridge!: My April food favorites that help save, stay home, or eat out less


April is coming to a close! The time and the seasons all start to blend together during a pandemic. I guess we are all just trying to live our best lives!

Apart of my best life this month were moments in the kitchen. Whether, it was making occasional deviled eggs or preparing tacos for the children visiting, these memorable food highlights made for some easy food savers.

Egg Salad

First there was Easter. Although, I didn't have to prepare a full meal for the holiday, I did make my deviled eggs. The extra yolk salad went into two additional days of yummy "Egg Salad Sandwiches!" Dark rye bread brought out some yummy flavors for this salad.

Lamp Chops and Shoulders

Then there were the "Easy Stovetop Lamb Chops"! This meat dish was initially supposed to be cooked on Easter, but when you live in the country and have family closeby that throws down and will drop you plate instantly, you eat their plate first! Later that week, I cooked the lamb chops, which made for about 3-4 more days to eat on this savoring meat with all the flavors getting better with time in the fridge. Thyme, rosemary, garlic, butter, black pepper, and coarse salt do the trick here!...oooh, mushrooms too.

Northern Beans

We pulled out the northern beans towards the middle of the month and paired it with grilled salmon and asparagus and wallah!...there was an instant gourmet meal for the family. These beans are delicious and filling. Even though they had been cooked with smoked meat, I still like to pair them with different meats throughout the week to give me a soul food fix. I also like to simply eat them alone with cornbread or basmati rice!

Variety Meat Tacos or Salad

Last, there were the homemade tacos. Cooking two meats made all the difference. There was grilled chicken that was seasoned with my own seasonings, cut, and stewed. Then, there was ground beef seasoned with the kit taco season pack. These bad boys are still going strong with flavors that last for a one-taco snack or a two to three taco lunch or dinner. The best part is being able to switch up the meat choices and combinations, such as lettuce or nachos, depending on your mood!

*additional chicken tenderloins were seasoned, set aside, and grilled for more fridge savers for that week.

meet T. Nicole


Hi! I'm T. Nicole a.k.a Designhangover, I'm a city girl who met country scenes early and fell in love with it.  I'm a sweet mix between city, country, and town living.  I've lived in Augusta, GA, Washington D.C. and currently a small rural area in South Carolina. I studied Interior Design and Architecture at my dream college.  Now I'm happy to be back between Georgia and Carolina with my family!

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