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Three design languages to decorate The Jungalow

I'm not sure why I get so excited about home goods and decorative accessories, but let's just say that I can appreciate this excitement now as an adult even more than I did before! So when Justina Blakenly announced her launch for The Jungalow at Target the excitement was instant and I hadn't even seen the items yet.

Justina Blakenly is known for her bold, boho, and eclectic designs while using fun, fresh, and earthy items. She does not miss a beat on speaking to the "colorfull" life by adding shades that reflect sunshine in a lot of homes. A lot of her items can be used together for a more eclectic home, but as I designer, what I've mostly seen and come to appreciate about her brand is that a lot of pieces can cross into so many different themes and design languages.

I was able to go into my local Target for the day of the launch. Even better, I was also able to save some of my favorites on before the day of launch! I narrowed down to two things in the store that I needed: Two decorative jars and a beautifully hued blue terra-cotta vase!

Below, I highlight three of my favorite design themes that can be accomplished using The Jungalow collection at Target!

Shop these items below by clicking the pictures....and pair at at least 3 in a room with ease to start your theme!

Happy Shopping,

T. Nicole