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Friday Favorites: Accent with some chair flair

Working with accent chairs is almost like a kid playing in her dollhouse! The reason I say this is because these type chairs can be placed in so many different rooms and still give you the excitement and function you want. So recently while I've been tracking the trends in accent chairs, what I noticed is that modern is in, but traditional has not left.

The most popular modern design in accent chairs you will find right now is the sleek frame and leg designs. However, the slipper chair, floral prints, and leather like materials have blended beautifully with the the new looks. Even more, there are colors that are available in rich greens, blues, purples, and yellows!

The looks below are some of my favorites that I've found recently on They are a perfect fit for a bedroom, living room, or office, and in some cases, even the dining room. Some you may come across are even available in a set of two.

All the chairs below can be shopped by clicking the pictures.

What a wonderful time for some chair love!

Velvet Fabrics Metal Legs

Floral Upholstery Exposed Wood Frames

Tufted & Studded Geo Patterns

Rich Colors Sleek Armless

Caramel Browns The Sofa Chair

and more options in the trends mentioned above are endless. But here are some more of my favorites!

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