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My Fall wreath designs for 2020


I'm back on my tradition of wreath making for the holiday season! This year's fall wreaths started out as apart of a study room I was designing around the classic pumpkin pale colors. The intentions I had for the themes this year played out differently after playing around with the crafts that I found on sale. I am all about shopping on a dime and using what you have in most cases. So here is how they turned out!

Pumpkin Plaitch

Tips for DIY'ing a clean, simple wreath design:

  1. Space matters: Consider the size of the wreath to determine how you space out your materials.

  2. Declutter: Select 3-4 design elements at the maximum.

  3. Focus on the fabric or wreath itself: Most of your wreath should be displaying the actual wreath textures as the background or the fabric you choose.

Fields 'n Patches

Tips for DIY'ng an elaborate wreath form:

  1. Mix multiple materials and crafts: This wreath form may be my favorite to make. I like to mix and match different pieces. On this design you get to apply most of the materials you found!

  2. Layer, Layer: Use all the wonderful crafts you found and work your way from the top to bottom. Greenery and sprays last.

  3. Use Multiple Colors: An elaborate wreath design should have at least 4 -7 colors that compliment each other. The color of the wreath base counts too!

Be Grateful


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Hi! I'm T. Nicole a.k.a Designhangover, I'm a city girl who met country scenes early and fell in love with it.  I'm a sweet mix between city, country, and town living.  I've lived in Augusta, GA, Washington D.C. and currently a small rural area in South Carolina. I studied Interior Design and Architecture at my dream college.  Now I'm happy to be back between Georgia and Carolina with my family!

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