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7 quick tips: Ways to give your living room a lift for Spring this year


Some seasons just call for a recharge! Well that's where I am this year. With the time change, we could all use a little energy booster. And, let's take caffeine, supplements, and smoothies out of the picture for just a minute, because I love all those things too.

I recently came across a rug online that I found some years back (pictured below). It sparked me to put it back to use. The neon- like pink is vibrant and awakening. So it makes for the perfect room refresher. As before, I'm pairing with my yellow mid-century sofa lounger (not pictured). But, there are a few things that I'm using to complete the look on a pallet of yellow, neon pink, honey brown, dark brown, and creams. All off of a backdrop of sparkling soft pink paint.

I found all these things right at Target for some good prices and sales. They are the perfect picker uppers for this Spring! Each picture item can be clicked for easy purchase and checkout below. Using some of these finds with what you already have or even getting the whole look (seen below)...both works.

Checkout the vision board when you scroll down to the bottom of the page. I'll update you on how it's going!

1. Rugs Soften: Add a Large Area Rug

2. Art Brings Joy: Use Pop Wall Art

3. Curtains Have Instant Effects: Install Fresh Light Window Treatments

4. Nature Keeps Us Grounded: Touch Up with Colorful Florals, Greenery, or Fresh Fruit Fillers

5. Accent Tables Slay!: Place Stylish Accent Tables Around

6. Knits Make It Homely: Layer with Light Textured Throws

7. Walls Make Major Moves: Paint Wall-to-Wall and/or Install Accent Wallpaper

meet T. Nicole


Hi! I'm T. Nicole a.k.a Designhangover, I'm a city girl who met country scenes early and fell in love with it.  I'm a sweet mix between city, country, and town living.  I've lived in Augusta, GA, Washington D.C. and currently a small rural area in South Carolina. I studied Interior Design and Architecture at my dream college.  Now I'm happy to be back between Georgia and Carolina with my family!

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