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3 Mid-century must-haves with cheerful tones


Achieving a natural glam in your home may mean that you have to cross time periods and design styles. But one design style that will give you instant natural glam is Mid-Century Modern! Not only are we reliving this style in movies today, but now we see furniture designers giving it twist on color options.

Just in time for spring, I have fell in love with the yellows, blues, and grays that are topping off Mid-Century throwbacks these days. Some must-haves you may want to consider are the armchair, the entertainment console, and the sofa/chaise/sectional. Can I mention the accent tables are making it's debut too?!

As I was working on the Mid-Century Cheer room design for the shop rooms page on the website, I stumbled across some unique finds. Here are a few that made favorite. They can be incorporated in a space where it fits function for you, such as a living room, bedroom, or even garden room! These items pictured below can be clicked on to shop for your perfect room!

meet T. Nicole


Hi! I'm T. Nicole a.k.a Designhangover, I'm a city girl who met country scenes early and fell in love with it.  I'm a sweet mix between city, country, and town living.  I've lived in Augusta, GA, Washington D.C. and currently a small rural area in South Carolina. I studied Interior Design and Architecture at my dream college.  Now I'm happy to be back between Georgia and Carolina with my family!

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