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14 shades of the love color "pink" that will liven up any 2021 space, any gender room for ages


Knowing that this is still the very beginning of my business and blog journey, I still feel compelled at times to speak on our name and values!

Before the decision on a name for the blog and online interior design service, my mom sent me a picture of dress that she wanted. It was pink! There was the first time something bubbled in my spirit and told that I would use the color pink in broader since that year. The dress was remarkable and the color floated in my mind for days!

Fast forward to a visit to Lowes collecting paint sample booklets and swatches. That week, the name was decided on. I was intentional, but somewhat still resistant to using the color pink in a business name because I was afraid it wouldn't speak to different genders. However, I knew the color pink was a universal language to a love language. It was the color of liveliness, positivity, and fun. So it wasn't a feminist move for me when I said "final answer", it was simply the thought of the universal tone and language of color that translated to love whenever you see it.

As we approach Valentine's Day, this color may be float on your timelines, in your ads, and so many other places paired with the color red this holiday. Remember, there is room for pink in many places in many shades, because it doesn't always mean pale pastels, cotton candy, or hot . Here are a few natural tones of pink from Valspar at Lowe's!

meet T. Nicole


Hi! I'm T. Nicole a.k.a Designhangover, I'm a city girl who met country scenes early and fell in love with it.  I'm a sweet mix between city, country, and town living.  I've lived in Augusta, GA, Washington D.C. and currently a small rural area in South Carolina. I studied Interior Design and Architecture at my dream college.  Now I'm happy to be back between Georgia and Carolina with my family!

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